Konditorei Rainberg

Konditorei Rainberg is a patisserie just 70 m from the Salzburg Cottage. The extensive breakfast menu makes this a great place to start the day. Alternatively, be sure to try the sensational cakes and tarts if stopping by for an afternoon coffee. You can find more information about Konditorei Rainberg on their website.

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Cafe Tomaselli

Cafe Tomaselli is a traditional cafe that has been run by the Tomaselli family for over 150 years. The long history and tradition permeate the cafe – a real gem of Austrian coffee house culture. You can also start your day here with a delicious breakfast in great surroundings – right in the heart of Salzburg’s historic city centre.

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Glüxfall is a cafe and cocktail bar in the centre of Salzburg that can seat 40 inside and 40 outside in their small courtyard. In the morning, Glüxfall pampers guests with a custom breakfast. You can see the breakfast menu on the cafe website, as well as more details about the venue.

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Cafe Bazar

Cafe Bazar is located on the famous Schwarzstrasse and is known throughout the city as a cafe for artists, poets and thinkers. The building’s unique charm and coffee house culture make it a popular meeting place for locals and visitors from around the world. Breakfast is served all day.

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Cafe Wernbacher

Cafe Wernbacher’s motto is “Comfort from tradition”. The cafe has been a fixture in Salzburg’s cafe scene since 1952. Following slight renovation, Cafe Wernbacher is now one of the few remaining old Viennese coffee houses in Salzburg and has become a meeting place for artists, intellectuals and people of all genres.

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Hangar 7 Carpe Diem Lounge

The exclusive Carpe Diem Lounge is located in what is probably the most extraordinary hangar in the world. This is the perfect place for an extensive breakfast in an extravagant setting. The Carpe Diem Lounge is a luxury in itself and its proximity to the historic Flying Bulls aircraft is an impressive bonus. A real treat for all the senses...

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Cafe Fingerlos

Cafe Fingerlos is known for its breakfast and is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. In addition to breakfast, there is also a small lunch menu and excellent cakes and tarts. The little treats from the cafe’s patisserie are a particular must – you will love them!

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