Grosses Festspielhaus (Large Festival Hall)

The Grosses Festspielhaus is one of the most renowned Salzburg Festival venues, not least because it is where celebrities make an appearance before photographers and the crowd at the festival opening. It is possible to do a tour of the Grosses Festspielhaus. Information about tours and the current programme can be found on the Festspielhaus website.

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The Felsenreitschule offers visitors a truly special theatre and opera experience. This unique venue was formerly a riding school that was carved out of the rock of the Mönchsberg Mountain. It has been used for Salzburg Festival performances since 1926 and was adapted to meet the needs of a modern theatre between 1969 and 1970. Today, the Felsenreitschule can accommodate an audience of up to 1,437 people.

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Haus für Mozart

In 2006, to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart, the former royal stables were converted to the Haus für Mozart (House for Mozart). Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro” was performed at the opening. The Haus für Mozart accommodates 1,580 culture enthusiasts and is one of the venues used for the Salzburg Festival, which is celebrated annually by thousands of visitors.

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Salzburg Landestheater

The Salzburg State Theatre seats approx. 1,000 people and is located south of Mirabell Gardens, a good 15 minute walk or a short bus journey away. The Salzburg State Theatre offers both classical and contemporary works. In summer, the theatre stages plays and operas as part of the Salzburg Festival.

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Salzburg Marionette Theatre

The first performance by the Salzburg Marionettes was in 1913. Professor Anton Aicher staged Mozart’s “Bastien und Bastienne” and was so successful that his repertoire steadily grew. Following numerous international successes and many world tours, the puppets got their own theatre in 1971 – today’s Salzburg Marionette Theater.

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Das Kino

DAS KINO is not a conventional cinema, it is Salzburg’s Film Culture Center. The organisers see film as an artistic form of expression and therefore place particular value on cultural diversity and ambitious art films. The films come primarily from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and are shown wherever possible in the original language with subtitles.

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Literaturhaus Salzburg

Literaturhaus Salzburg has been one of the major organisations for literature within Europe since 1991. The Literaturhaus serves as a meeting place for authors and literary enthusiasts. Six institutions organise events, readings, discussions and much more, making the Literaturhaus a fascinating destination for anyone who feels at home in the world of books.

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The Mozartkino is a cinema in Salzburg and one of the city’s real institutions . The impressive movie theatre is located in Salzburg’s historic city centre and is almost certainly the oldest cinema in the world still in operation. The first film was watched by 230 people from Salzburg back in 1904. At the end of the Second World War, the building was destroyed during an air raid. Afterwards it was rebuilt and today the cinema has modern digital projectors and a truly special flair.

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Schauspielhaus Salzburg

Schauspielhaus Salzburg presents pieces ranging from antiquity and the classical period to the modern world. It is the biggest free ensemble theatre in Austria and offers a diverse programme that features everything from tragedies and comedies to new, experimental forms of theatre. The historic building, which was completely renovated a few years ago, dates back to the Middle Ages. 

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ArgeKultur Salzburg

ARGEkultur is an interdisciplinary cultural venue that offers diverse events throughout the year. The programme is compiled based on three criteria: innovation, entertainment and experiment. Events range from dance, theatre and music to poetry slams, cabaret, readings and much more. You can find the current programme on the ARGEkultur Salzburg website.

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Jazzit is a famous music club near the main train station in Salzburg. The venue has welcomed many jazz legends, such as Al di Meola, David Murray, Henry Threadgill , Erik Truffaz and many more. However, other genres of music are also featured alongside jazz, including avant-garde, improvised, electronic, new and world music. Regular concerts, jam sessions and workshops are held in the large events hall. Programme details can be found on the Jazzit website.

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The Rockhouse is a concert venue for international bands from a wide variety of genres. Concerts are held in a historic hall with vaulted ceilings and a special flair. The musical offering includes rock, jazz , pop, folk , blues, metal, punk, crossover, underground, hip-hop and electronic, as well as contemporary and experimental music. You can find a complete programme on the Rockhouse website.

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Kleines Theater

The vaulted “Kleines Theater” is carved out of the Kapuzinerberg and is a place where the independent, professional theatre scene thrives. Alongside cabaret performances and comedies, the theatre also offers special performances for children and teens. The Kleines Theater is located on Schallmooser Hauptstraße. You can find a detailed programme on the Kleines Theater’s website.

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Art and culture have always been a priority in the city of Salzburg – even the largest shopping centre in Salzburg, the Europark, has its own arts and culture centre. The OVAL offers music, cabaret, vaudeville and readings, as well as film screenings in cooperation with DAS KINO.

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Jazz & The City

“Jazz & The City” is a 5 day jazz festival with a top line-up. Over the 5 days, a series of 100 concerts are held in 40 exciting and unusual venues in Salzburg. During the event, the historic city centre is transformed into a huge stage for music lovers. Join us and embark on an extraordinary musical journey through Salzburg.

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