Culture in Salzburg 

Salzburg is a cultural metropolis that offers a wide range of attractions for culture enthusiasts. Leading the way are of course the internationally renowned Salzburg Festival and, the most famous person from Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here we’ve put together an overview of the most important information about the city’s cultural attractions.

Information about Salzburg

Salzburg Festival

Visit the famous Salzburg Festival. The Grosses Festspielhaus (Large Festival Hall) is just a 5 minute walk from Salzburg Cottage.

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Theatre & Culture

Alongside classic theatres, Salzburg also offers many alternative clubs that stage great and sometimes extravagant cultural events.

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Sights & attractions

Salzburg offers a variety of interesting and famous attractions. Here you’ll find information about a select few:

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Christmas markets

The romantic Christmas markets are a must for anyone visiting Salzburg during the Christmas season.

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